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The Eagle®

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Built for Performance – Turn Key Solution

The Eagle® has been developed to offer world class, energy efficient, maximum performance and productive technology; generating a superior ROI for customers.

The Eagle® is offered as a ‘turn key’ solution – fully installed and commissioned, we offer complete staff training. The Eagle® is able to be operated remotely from anywhere in the world, with 24/7 access via a cloud based, Siemens PLC system.

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Better for the Environment

Energy optimised with up to a 75% reduction in peak demand, in-rush and infrastructure. This translates into significant savings to install and operate alongside measurable Co2 greenhouse gas reductions.

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State of the Art

Built by Australian Operators, Engineers and Designers to withstand harsh environmental operating conditions. Factors such as humidity, energy, location and resources go into building such a robust and world class system. Years of research, development and design has led to the creation of the Eagle® system – Ultra Low Energy with Maximum Performance.

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Quality Assured

Built to exacting specifications – The Eagle® has been manufactured to AS:1210 class 3 standards. Only first class software, system hardware, refrigeration and electrical components have been employed in the construction of the Eagle®. Undergoing extensive and rigorous testing, this freeze drying system has been built for performance and sustainability.

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Sophisticated Reporting

With Intelligent Management systems, software and data analytics to optimise production and quality, desired finish points can be clearly articulated. This predictive modelling can save hours of production time whilst enhancing capacity. In-built loadcells, temperature readers and infrared heat mapping technology provide constant readings on the product drying consistency as an inherent quality focus.

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